The world has fallen. The Apocalypse came and went. The good of the world faded and was eaten by the hordes of the Nine Hells and dark forgotten gods. Evil cults rule the main cities, demons and devils hold tight control of the lands of the material plains, Vile men have risen to power where their once refined and decent counterparts protected the weak. The average man lives in fear. The descendants of those who survived struggle now to live, by paying fealty to the dark forces who reign, by staying hidden or at least quiet a compliant, and by banding together when possible to fight back the darkness that has enveloped the mortal realms. But there is hope. Word has spread of an underground movement of brave souls who seek the final resting place of Pelor, the Sun God of Truth and Light. By uncovering his remains, they hope to raise a beacon of holy power and hope, and finally strike back at the Evil that has become of the world.

This is where you enter, brave adventurers! These Heralds of Light as they call themselves, are seeking help, support, and power to strengthen their cause….. And they must be STOPPED! You must make sure they do not disturb the Masters and their rule. That they do not bring back Pelor and his burning light. They must be extinguished, like the hope of the world they lost in the Ending of Days…

The Bones of Pelor

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